You may call his work contemporary, classic, realistic, figurative or traditional – in the end these words don’t make a lot of sense; what matters is that the observer will see for himself, what he or she likes, and how he or she judges the painting. It is about: what does the painting do?

I remember very well that, as a child, the day I got out of the pen, stood straight and started walking, I almost immediatly began te draw with a chalk on a little blackboard. Faces, profiles – drawing, wiping out, trying again, improving, another face in profile, wiping out, changing, watching, watching, watching…, and afterwards the next face and so on.

Except for some brief orientation, Riebo Rietema made the conscious decision neither to take any painting course, nor adopt a mentor, opting instead to learn through experimentation and close scrutiny of the paintings of great masters. After graduating from university in another descipline, he devoted his life fully to painting and is since steadily gaining recognition. Throughout the years he has developed himself as a professional fine art painter still lifes, but also portraits, landscapes, cityscapes and also abstract work.

A first short film, called Verbeeld, appeared in autumn 2019 and presents an in depth view into the daily life of the artist.

Riebo Rietema works in Oosterbeek, 's-Hertogenbosch en Drunen.