Mission & Vision Statement

The Chosen Future forms a collaboration between artists and scientists who carry a heart for a green city.

The Chosen Future promotes an exchange and exhibition of visual artists and urban developers for a sustainable society, that tours The Netherlands.


More and more people live in big cities. In a sustainable future, urban habitation will become even more important.

Nowadays there exists far too little green space in cities. That will fuel a desire in many people for a green city.

With all those other green-loving people, I choose a lush future for a city, any city. In doing so, I want to make not only the air but the whole environment safer, for all of us: animal and human.

With all those others, I choose a green world around us. I wish that future for everyone.

I call this choice The Chosen Future.

As an artist, I am inspired by nature, both the micro- and the macro-world, the visible and the invisible natural world.

As an artist, I would like to work with other artists, scientists, futurists and urban innovators to shape the ideal, the ideal vision of The Chosen Future.

Among other things, through a touring exhibition in museums. To raise our awareness of nature and depict the ideal green city.

Consider the exhibition Botanischer Wahnsinn (2022) at the Kröller Müller Museum.

To increase our awareness of the plant world and depict the ideal green city.

According to architect Winy Maas of architecture firm MVRDV and director of The Why Factory, the city of the future should be able to house many people.

People don't want to live in boring (read: efficient) skyscrapers. Everyone wants to live sustainably in airy, vertically stacked 'villages' amidst beautiful greenery.

With this platform The Chosen Future, we want to join forces and express and shape our vision.